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Signal Jamming News

cell phone jammer news


Oct  28 13 - India - Army Procures Jammer Systems for IED Protection

Sep  07 13 - India - Jammers silence mobiles in Kukke

Mar  11 13 - Vatican - Vatican Uses Signal Jammers to Keep Pope Vote Secret

Nov  15 12 - USA - 48 Million Consumers to Engage in Showrooming

Sep  19 12 - USA - GPS Jammers and Toll Boths

Mar  13 12 - USA - GPS Jamming Devices

Mar  06 12 - USA - The Interest in Cell Phone Jamming Devices

Feb  08 12 - Thailand - Bangkok Prison Steps up Security

Jan   22 12 - USA - Cell Phones Smuggled into Prisons Alarm State Officials

Jan   23 11 - Phillipines - Authorities use Jammers to Stop Trafficing

Dec  14 09 - USA -  Feds 'Pinged' Sprint GPS data over 8 million times in one year 

Oct   07 09 - USA - Safe Prisons Communication Act passes Senate 

July 17 09 - USA - Cell blocker latest must have accessory in Kenyan mosques

July 14 09 - USA - Senate panel to consider phone jamming in the slammer


April 15 2009 - New York - USA

The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission is considering a proposal to install cell phone jammers in taxis and limousines, to keep drivers cabbies off of their phones and paying attention to the road. Due to the limited range of the jammers to be used, the proposal points out that passengers would still be able to make calls from the back seat. Drivers of course are in opposition, claiming that cell phones are essential to their work and that this would be illegal.

April 06 09 - India

A rise in cell phone usage in India has begun an unacceptable surge in public rudeness, and the most annoying offenders should be sent to prison - according to India's upper house of parliament.

The country's 277+ million mobile users "often create nuisance," the Committee on Petitions, an influential panel of the Rajya Sabha, parliament's upper house, stated.

"They need to be educated where and how to use the device without annoying others," was added, while endorsing a call for draconian new laws to do just that.

These comments came in response to a petition filed by Gurjit Singh, a member of the public whose demands include making carrying cell phones at funerals and temples illegal and the installation of cell phone jammers on school buildings to stop students making calls.

Singh also wants phone companies to deploy equipment to disable cell phones on the roads to avoid traffic accidents, and is calling for a law under which civil servants could be imprisoned if they make personal calls on their handsets during office hours.

The measures may appear extreme but have already won significant backing, including from The Times of India, the country's most-read English-language newspaper.

December 10 08 - Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo banks have started installing cell phone jammers at strategic ATM locations around the district so that elderly folks won't fall for phone frauds. This is in response to swindlers who target the elderly, asking them to go to the bank and withdraw cash from ATM machines for a needy child, while remaining on the line, only to mug these elderly people shortly thereafter. The devices are said to be of low power, only covering an area of approximately 2 meters.


August 18 08 - USA - Dogs bust inmates using cell phones to carry out crimes

June 10 06 - USA - Airline Poll - 67% Say Continue In Flight Cell Phone Ban

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