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5 Reasons You Need a Cell Phone Jammer

According to a report from the GSMA, or Global System for Mobile Communications, there are more than 5 billion unique cell phone users in the world. With so many people using cell phones, security is a constant question.

Many of us feel secure with our cell phones. If no one else gets their hands on it, the information must be safe, right? Some even feel like a secure password is all a phone needs to be safe.

In actuality, there are many forms of security that still need to be implemented. A cell phone jammer is an excellent place to start beefing up security.

If you’ve been curious about cell phone jammers and signal jammers, we’re happy to help answer some questions. Here is a quick guide on jammers, how they work, and why you should acquire one as soon as possible.

How Do Jammers Work?

When someone thinks of a cell phone jammer, they may think of some sort of high-tech security device. Spy movies and science fiction technology come to mind quickly as well.

Despite the conception, cell phone jammers actually aren’t incredibly complicated. They work in a relatively simple manner and are easy to use.

Jamming Signals

A cell phone jammer doesn’t jam in the same way that a printer may experience a paper jam. Rather than block, cell phone jammers intersect and interfere.

Cell phones, like most wireless electronics, work off of signals. Any incoming data will come via a signal transmitted at a specific frequency. This frequency can vary depending on the signal, data, sender, and many other factors.

To jam a signal, most cell phone jammers will meet that signal with one of the same frequencies. This causes a cell phone not to register either signal properly, as they conflict.

Mobile and Immobile

Depending on the strength needed, a cell phone jammer can be either mobile or set in one place. A mobile cell phone jammer is smaller and more portable.

That said, they usually lack the strength that an immobile jammer may have. This can vary from product to product. They also need some sort of portable power source, battery operation, or charging.

An installed unit that isn’t mobile typically has a stronger signal. That means that it can jam a much larger area and many more signals at once. It also means that it typically won’t need any sort of power source outside of its installed outlet.

Different needs will favor a different form. Someone trying to keep cell phone signals jammed in their household or their personal property might favor an installed version. Others trying to keep their phones safe on a commute will want a mobile version.

What About Legality?

It’s important to look at whether cell phone jammers are legal for obvious reasons. People use their cell phones to communicate, especially in times of emergency. Is it legal to stop people from reaching your phone, or to stop others from using their own cell phones?

Legality depends on different areas, with the majority of the United States has classified them as illegal. There are some exceptions, such as some states allowing them on fully private property or in specific strengths. Overall, though, they’re considered illegal in the United States.

Ensure that you’re checking in on your area to see if your signal jammer is permitted or not. Our products ship worldwide where laws and allowances can differ. It’s best to check the various regulations for your country, state, or municipality.

Risks to Know

It’s important to note that signal jammers come with some risks. For example, the illegality mentioned means that using it in an unauthorized area can come with heavy fines and more.

Using one publicly could stop someone from being able to call for help when needed. If someone collapses and an ambulance needs to come, a cell phone jammer could stop that call from coming out.

Jamming the signal also will often cause your own phone to lack signal. That means that you run the risk of missing out on something important. Definitely make sure not to use one if you’re awaiting a call.

Some signal jammers aren’t infallible as well. Cheaper units may only block a specific frequency, which could end up not suiting you at all. Make sure that the jammer you’re using is able to fit your needs.

Finally, one of the main reasons for cell phone jammers not being legal is that they interfere with police signals. A jammer can stop a call for help from going out when authorities are needed, whether you intend for it to or not. Whatever jammer you use, make sure that you can deactivate it quickly if an emergency arises.

Five Reasons You Need a Cell Phone Jammer

A cell phone jammer is an incredibly useful form of protection to have. From protecting your information to keeping your privacy, cell phone jammers can be immensely helpful.

Here are five of the best reasons to purchase a cell phone jammer today.

Public Safety

A cell phone is much less safe than many expect them to be. Using public access, such as attaching to a public computer, can open your phone up to all sorts of unwanted visitors.

The same is true for signing into unknown wireless connection points. Wi-Fi servers for restaurants, businesses, and other public settings can be extremely insecure.

A cell phone jammer can help to prevent the many people that may use these points to try and gain access to the information of others. Spyware and keyloggers can be transmitted via these signals.

Once this infectious malware gets hold of your phone, all your information is at risk. Passwords, credit card information, anything else that your phone holds. Stopping these attempts in their tracks can be a great deterrent to identity theft and other problematic issues.

Limiting Cell Phone Use

For any certain reason, you may be deciding to limit the use of cell phones in an area. This primarily applies to installed signal jammers that are able to stop cell phone signals in a sizeable area.

For example, a business owner may not want cell phones to be usable in their business. Perhaps a museum is wanting to discourage cell phone use to stop admirers from taking pictures of the art and sending them elsewhere. The museum owner may feel this lowers attendance as the art can be seen anywhere, prompting a cell phone jammer.

Another example could be a movie theater where cell phones are generally considered an annoyance. A theater could install a signal jammer to discourage or outright stop movie-goers from being on their phones. This can help get rid of the annoyance of people texting during a movie theater.

You could even say the same for a restaurant that wants to encourage more person-to-person conversations. There’s any number of reasons that a business may want to limit cell phone use.

The drawback of this method, however, is that it can make it impossible to communicate during an emergency. It also can annoy customers who may need to use their phones for any number of reasons. Take care when installing a jammer with this specific use in mind.

Nullify Location Tracking

There are many apps, services, and other such products that ask for locations. These could be something as harmless as a pedometer to track your steps. However, many people don’t appreciate having their every step monitored.

A signal jammer is an effective protection against having your location tracked. Perhaps you don’t want your work vehicle to track your every move. In that case, a signal jammer can help to stop the GPS tracker that could be tracking your cell phone.

Location tracking has become so common that it’s even a built-in feature to many newer smartphones. Apple phones, for example, have the ability to share your location with others. Still, that doesn’t mean that the only people watching your location are the ones you gave permission to.

Using a cell phone jammer can stop your own phone from transmitting your location. This not only can ensure your privacy but your safety as well. However, if you share your location on purpose for the sake of letting trusted ones know where you are, this can also be detrimental.

Stop Hackers

There are more ways for hackers to get a hold of your phone than public access. While we previously discussed having hackers use insecure Wi-Fi and public systems to access your information, there are many other ways.

Logging onto an insecure site from your phone can do this, for example. Allowing a sketchy website to access your phone is the cyber equivalent of holding your door open for a burglar.

One of the common things that a hacker may attempt to do is send your information back to them. In some cases, a signal jammer can help to stop this from occurring. While it’s best to stop a hacker from ever accessing your phone, any sort of damage mitigation is always welcome.

Hackers will do anything they can to get your information. That means you should do everything you can to keep it from them.

Safety While Traveling

If you’re in a career that requires you to travel frequently, a cell phone jammer can help you. Perhaps you’re traveling to a new and unknown location that you may not feel safe in. Having something to protect your identity and information may help you feel a bit safer.

You may have possibly had an experience of staying in a hotel room that you felt sketched out in. Maybe you felt like they had some sort of surveillance you wouldn’t have wanted them to have.

Unfortunately, these sorts of events happen every day. It’s not uncommon for a seedy hotel or other such lodgings to have some sort of surveillance.

At times, this can be something that logs your cell phone. Maybe it’s keeping track of your habits for one reason or another, or maybe the operator is piggybacking off of your signal. Either way, this can be used to steal your information and data, among many other things.

Carrying a personal cell phone signal jammer can help to make sure that there’s nothing watching you. Jamming surveillance gadgets – Wi-Fi, cell phone signal, or anything similar – can help give you privacy. Beyond privacy, a signal jammer could keep you safe in these moments.

That said, it might be best to double-check the laws of where you’re traveling. It’s important to remember that many places have cell phone jammers as illegal items to have. Safety is important but breaking the law and accruing heavy fines or worse out of not knowing your jammer wasn’t legal isn’t something to take lightly.

Jam Responsibly!

The cell phone jammer and signal jammers, in general, have grown considerably in popularity over the years. While users should be aware of the risks, there are some extremely valid reasons to own them.

Concern over your own safety is never something to hesitate with. If you intend to look into purchasing a signal jammer to keep yourself safe, there’s no better time. Signal jammers can keep your privacy safe, your information hidden, and your identity your own.

Once you’re certain of legality, the first thing to consider is your needs. If you’re on the move often, getting a mobile signal jammer is key. Make sure that it holds the battery life and strength that you need so you aren’t wasting your time.

If you intend to secure a sizeable area or clear your private property of signals, a larger, stronger unit should be used. Ensure that you’re finding a jammer that blocks the proper frequencies.

If you’d like to learn more, our informative blog holds plenty of knowledge on signal jammers. Make sure to check out our sales to see if the unit you’ve had your eye on is up for grabs as well!

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