Government Contracts

Government and Contractor Cell Phone Jammer Sales

For contractors placing government bids, or others that require quantity pricing, please email sales or use the contact us form. When contacting us, please indicate if you are a principal buyer or an contractor or agent placing a bid.

Quantity discounts begin at 3 units for high powered units, and 5 units for portables and small fixed units.  Discounts are incremental based on purchase volume.

Payments are by T/T (wire transfer) only.  Credit card exceptions can be made for direct government purchasers and their agencies.

We can provide special discounts to:
Law Enforcement
Government Agencies
Educational Facilities

Please note that while the installation and operation of our cell phone jammers are very simple and direct, we can provide on-site installation and training upon request.

The most popular and sought after products for government agencies include:

government contracts
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Showing all 4 results