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TSJ WiFi 5GH Powerful WiFi & Bluetooth Jammer Handset

Get incredible coverage from this powerful WiFi and Bluetooth jammer handset.

4 channels, 2 with 8W per channel output blocking 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth, and two channels blocking 5GHz WiFi 2W per channel output.


Ideal for Wireless Surveillance Camera and Hidden Camera Jamming

The powerful out put of this unit provides for a large perimeter of coverage, protecting you from wireless surveillance cameras, WiFi transmissions (both 2.4GHz and 5GHz) as well as Bluetooth communications.  A favorite of law enforcement entry teams.

  • WiFi 2.4GHz coverage: Approximately 250M 
  • Bluetooth coverage: Approximately 250M 
  • WiFi 5GHz coverage: Approximately 60M
  • Operational time on full charge: Approx 40 minutes
  • Total output power: 20W
  • Operate while charging: Yes
  • Charger is included

Tactical cover / holster included with this jammer.  Find out more about how to use your bluetooth jammer here.

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1 review for TSJ WiFi 5GH

  1. MBT (verified owner)

    I ordered this back in September 2021. Got unlucky with a holiday and the world was in the midst of a supply chain meltdown. So, it took more than the quoted 7-10 days, and I got a bit worried since it is quite expensive. But I arrived, and support was very quick responding to my inquiries and worries about the delay. So have no worries, everything here is legit.

    Now on to the review!

    This unit is AWESOME!!! I nicknamed it “The Beast”. It is expensive, but some of the best dollars I’ve ever spent. I bought it because I like to go on a beach vacation once a year. And there seems to be an epidemic of @ssholes who think everyone wants to listen to their music on the beach via Bluetooth speakers. Well, this unit shuts those @ssholes and their speakers down. Nothing gave me more pleasure then watching them fiddle and some cases shake their speakers trying to get them to work. Sometimes for 20 minutes. I was in heaven.

    The range is awesome. I did not measure it but 250M seem accurate. It might lose strength as it reaches the limits of its range. But I had @ssholes that I took out a fair distance from where I was sitting on the beach.

    One thing to note, and the only drawback for the unit, is how long it will last on a single charge. As the product page says, it only lasts for about 40 mins on a single charge. And I think as it reaches the latter part of 40 mins it may lose range. It truly is a Beast, and Beasts use power.

    My next purchase for next year will be a portable battery pack that has an AC plug. So I can run it longer if need be. If I find a good one, I’ll try to update this review with it.

    In summary, this unit is great. Highly recommended!

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