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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

 I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping me 
with my cell phone blocker order.
I got the unit and it works perfectly!
The unit is very powerful, students lose cell phone reception even
before they get into the library.
We love it! - G.G.
 Recently I ordered a cell phone signal jammer and I love it. 
I ordered it because I have employees who are constantly getting
text messages and not doing work.
I got so sick of hearing the phone go off, that I ordered the phone jammer.
When I received it, I put it in a secret place and it went to work.
Thank you so much. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! - R.A.
 Thank you so very much for my signal jammer. 
The unit is powerful and works as described.
The support department of your company kept an open communication
line with me when the original battery didn't operate, and it was
replaced immediately!
Your company and the professional way in which you do business
deserves High Marks! Thank you! - B.G.
 Thank you for a great product!! 
I had my doubts, but when I received the product I was very impressed!
Very good craftsmanship, clean and compact design.
Did a first test and it works as intended! GREAT! Silence is golden!
I had questions during purchase and after receiving it,
ALL were answered super fast!
I will buy again from you and highly recommend your products.
if you want a toy then buy it at one of the other sites.
Thank you very much. - F.P.
  I purchased a cell phone blocker from you. 
I am so happy I have it.
I have control back in my classroom.
Others in my building will also be purchasing them.
My administrator wants to purchase them for the entire school.
I love my cell phone jammer and the fact that using it makes my life easier.
Kids aren't mature enough to put the cell phones away away.
I am just helping them. - K.D.

Thank you for your superior, friendly service regarding my order.  
I received my item, and this is going to bring a resolution
to a situation that has been giving me a headache for a long time. - R.E.

Your product works good.

I really enjoy seeing people faces when you flip that on

and they do not have service. 

I am always afraid of buying online, but I highly recommend you guys. 

You’re A++++ for sure, Fast Service Quick on Emails,

over all just great!  Thanks! – B.M.

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