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School Classroom Cell Phone Jamming

Jamming Cell Phones in Schools and Classrooms

Cell phone jammers in schools are becoming more popular, and for good reason.  Many teachers are fed up with trying to stop students from texting in class, and want to know how to stop cell phone use in the classroom.  Students ignore lectures while they surf social networks.  Some send texts, and even do research online, in order to cheat on exams. 

Studies have shown, that mobile phones distract from teaching and when used for taking notes, etc, retention of material is diminished.

Although these jammers are capable of ending cell phone communications and may seem technically complex, you may be surprised by their simplicity, which requires nothing more than the push of a button.

Take Back Control in Your Classroom

For those teachers that are troubled by students distracting others by using their phones during class, a classroom jammer may be exactly what you need. With these devices, you can stop the conversations instantly, prevent students from cheating on exams, and stop class disruptions caused by cell phone ringing and buzzing.

The devices are simple: school cell phone jammers

* An on/off switch
* A light to indicate when it is turned on
* An antenna

They are that simple.

If you have a stronger jammer, the antenna will be external in order to provide better range and coverage. Adjustable units have the added benefit of being able to be ‘tuned down’ so as not to block in adjacent areas.

Stop Cheating During Examinations

The range varies, however in most cases if someone needs to make a call, they can simply step outside the classroom and make the call without disturbing others.  In case of emergency, or between lectures, the unit can be simply switched off and all signals are instantly restored.

For a simple jammer that will knock out the cell phones of the students in a small classroom, an overly powerful is not necessary.  In very small rooms, you may be able to use a pocket jammer, which looks like any ordinary cell phone.

Get Kids OFF the Phone and Paying Attention to Lectures

Recently there have been reports released about a new phenomenon, “cyber bullying”, where students electronically torment others via text messaging and social networks, when they should be paying attention to lectures.  This illustrates one additional reason for teachers to be aware of classroom cell phone use, and why many are opting to use jammers to regain control in their classroom.

Cell Phone Use in Classrooms Can Disrupt Learning

In summary, blocking signals in the classroom will

* Stop cheating during examinations

* End distractions during lectures

* Put the focus back on education

The best of our cellphone jammer choices for classroom use is the TSJ-5G-2081 however any of our cell phone jammer current models will do the job.  Feel free to Email us in order to help determine the jamming unit best for your application.

(Please check your local regulations before ordering or use)

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