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How to Use a GPS Jammer to Keep You Safe on the Go

In the modern age, most of us rely on technology for work, leisure, and convenience. This means most of our lives exist in an online space as we leave traceable footprints passing through. Anytime we use a map feature to get anywhere or log onto public wifi, we are instantly susceptible to data farming, tracking, and more.

Here at The Signal Jammer, we offer a wide range of products to protect yourself in a technological age. With a multitude of professionally crafted GPS jammers for sale, we have devices to cover your needs. 

Not only do our devices work for personal safety but can also be applied to help with productivity in classrooms and other workspaces. See our testimonials from satisfied customers and judge for yourself.

Why Choose Our GPS Signal Jammer?

With other options out in the world the question is always, why choose ours? We give a 1-year warranty on our products that show we stand by their quality. Even after the warranty finishes we still back our items and whilst parts and shipping will be paid for by the customers, service is still on us.

We pride ourselves on our incredible responsive customer service and will strive to reply in one business day or quicker. It’s free to call our number at +1 (877) 500-2050 with any questions and queries, and other contact information can be found on our website.

Our GPS jammers are the best on the market, professionally built, and not the cheap knock-off versions you’d find on other sites. We think it is vitally important to not take shortcuts with your security.

We offer fast free shipping for all of our products that will arrive with you in 7-10 business days. Whilst expedited shipping is available at an extra cost, our free option should suit most of your needs. This does not extend to government orders or bulk buys.

We believe in our products entirely, but we also understand things may happen. Our returns policy is incredibly reasonable as we want what is best for our customers. All products are protected under the 1-year warranty, so should it break we will repair or replace it.

Our Range of GPS Jammer Options for Sale And How To Use Them

As technology is such a large part of the modern-day, we made sure we offer a large collection to cover multiple areas of it. Take a look at our products page and read on to find exactly the product you need.

Portable GPS Jammers

If you’re looking for something to keep on your person, convenient and portable, the GPS Jammer and Portable Cell Jammer ranges are best for you. These devices are handheld and can fit easily in your pocket to give you protection on the go. You can choose products for specific uses, like mobile phone Jammers, or others that work on a multitude of devices and GPS signals.

How these devices work to give you the answer to how they keep you safe on the go. As you move through your day-to-day life your phone will emit a signal to different cell phone towers. This is how you receive messages, calls and can be located through GPS. 

The GPS Jammer sends a stronger signal to the cell tower, mimicking and overpowering your phones, breaking the communication between your mobile device and the cell phone towers. This will render your device invisible protecting you from tracking, unwanted cold calls, and protect your information.

Wifi Jammers

Offering a different type of protection our Wifi Jammers work on protecting you from data theft, hidden camera recordings, and tracking your online presence. From personal, all the way up to company use, these Wifi, spy camera, and Bluetooth jammers help stop precious, expensive data and information loss.  

These radio waves act as noise/ interference to place your device behind a wall of protection. Malware is a popular method in data theft and hacking, Wifi Jammers block those signals reaching your Blue tooth and Wifi devices. 

Vehicle and Car GPS Jammers

Vehicle GPS jammers are for those who travel for work or often find themselves on the move. Not only will it help protect yourself and any passengers from unwanted snooping, but will also ensure any transporting goods will be kept safe from security breaches.

There are items to be fitted within the vehicle, on the outside, and those with a wider area of influence if that suits your needs. These deploy the same principles as the previously mentioned devices blocking signals and making your devices invisible to attack and tracking.  

Government Contracted Jammers

On the opposite end, we also offer Government contracted products for GPS Jamming needs. Not only do we provide special discounts to Law Enforcement and Educational Facilities but we also offer onsite installation and product training if requested. 

Used to stay under the radar, the application of these devices keeps you hidden from detection in covert situations. Using signals that block and disrupt tracking technology gives you the edge in tactical scenarios. Signal Jammers have plenty of practical uses, often counter-terrorism units using these devices to disrupt phone triggers from explosive devices.

Payments are unfortunately by wire transfer only, however, exceptions can be made for direct government purchases if disclosed beforehand. Filling out a contact us form will help with clarity on pricing and let us know if you are the principal buyer or contractor for a government agency. 

Even though our products are dependable and professionally made, use over time will lead to parts wearing. We offer replacement parts like new antennas, batteries, and chargers so you can get your device back to working condition.


As a company that strives to give people the privacy they deserve, we want to make sure that is not compromised by purchasing our items. When you order we require your name, address, email, and phone number to complete the purchase. This information will only be used for shipping and is protected from third parties. 

Your banking details will go through a secure server to make your payment with additional SSL encryption. This will protect your credit card information. We do not keep records of your banking details and will stay confidential during the transition.

In selling the best GPS signal jammers we want to back that up with our own privacy promise. 

Final Word

Safety and security are incredibly important to us all and this applies in a technological sense more than ever. Having the best GPS jammer can stop precious, expensive information from leaking, protect your location, privacy, and much more. 

For more information about our company and all products visit The Signal Jammer and make yourself feel more secure.

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