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Top 7 Incredible Benefits of Using a GPS Jammer

When you’re concerned about your safety, you want to cover your bases. Some might say you’re paranoid, but criminals and ill-intentioned people are always coming up with new ways to cause harm. Using a GPS jammer can help you prevent so many different invasions of privacy and attempts against your safety. 

If you’re not convinced that you should invest in a GPS jammer, it’s worth the time to research what these devices are and how they work. In this article, you’ll learn all about GPS jammers and some big reasons that you should consider buying one.

What Is a GPS Jammer?

GPS devices utilize radio-navigation technology and satellites that are orbiting the globe. Using the scientific laws of time, gravity, and radiowaves, GPS devices can receive signals from moving satellites that have atomic clocks. All the satellites are sending signals all the time, but the GPS device uses the information from the closest ones to help determine your location.

GPS devices can track the location of a device in real-time by using these signals from several satellites. Using a series of calculations and data from these signals, a GPS can triangulate and pinpoint your location within 7 meters about 95% of the time. These signals are low-power microwave frequencies that can travel far but are easily disrupted due to their weakness.

GPS jamming devices are meant to stop GPS devices and satellites from being able to communicate. As a result, you can stop a GPS device from accurately calculating location. 

How Does a GPS Jammer Work?

A GPS jammer is a signal jammer that works by interrupting the signals that GPS devices send to satellites. GPS blocking works by sending out stronger signals on the same frequency that GPS devices use for signals. GPS jammers can overcrowd the frequency and overpower the GPS signals, so GPS devices cannot detect the proper signals.

As a result, the GPS devices get lost in all the noise that the GPS jammer is creating and think that there are no signals available. The GPS will not be able to pinpoint a location accurately, if at all.

Are GPS Jammers Common?

There are ways you can use a GPS jammer legally. Just make sure you are aware of your country’s laws and restrictions.

It’s common for truckers to use GPS jammers, for example, to stop their management from being able to track their vehicles. Many trucking companies choose to install GPS tracking capabilities in their fleet, but not all truckers are happy about these tracking attempts.

GPS jammers can easily be found and bought online from vendors that globally market their products. They leave it up to the consumer to understand their country’s laws and decide on the use of a GPS jammer.

7 Reasons to Invest in a GPS Jammer

GPS Jammers are powerful tools that can be used for both good and bad reasons. While criminals have been able to abuse GPS trackers to interfere with law enforcement and government efforts, GPS jammers can be used for your safety as well.

If any of the below situations or concerns speak to you, you should consider GPS jammer benefits. These 7 reasons will reveal the benefits of a GPS jammer and convince you to buy one today.

1. Thwart Spouses Attempts to Track You

Not many relationships survive without at least one negative event or situation. Even if you’ve never cheated, your significant other might become suspicious or jealous. It’s not uncommon for girlfriends or husbands to break into their partner’s phones to check messages and history.

While this behavior is not necessarily healthy, it happens. It doesn’t always turn out badly, but in the case that it does, you want the option to protect yourself from snooping attempts. 

If your partner has accused you of lying about the places you’re going, it’s possible they will attempt to track you using your phone’s GPS capabilities. There are many apps available that allow families to monitor each other’s movements for safety reasons, but these apps can also be used to track you without your consent.

There are so many other ways to track your movements, whether it is by using devices you carry with you or attaching GPS devices to your personal belongings.

To protect yourself against all unwanted tracking attempts, a GPS jammer can block your phone’s ability to send out and receive GPS signals. This device will ensure that it is completely impossible to track you with any GPS-tracking method, no matter how sneaky.

2. Keep You Safe at Night

The world is a scary place, and criminals lurk around every corner. Daytime crime absolutely happens, but many attempts on people’s lives happen while they are alone, vulnerable, and in less visible areas. If you work the night shift, have to leave work after dark, or have other reasons for traveling alone at night, it’s important to keep your eyes open. 

Women are often targeted when walking alone at night, but men can be targeted too. No one likes to think about it, but organized crime, such as human trafficking, is a reality. One of the tactics these criminals use is to follow your habits and behaviors and track your frequent locations. 

To keep yourself safe from any GPS-monitoring methods, a GPS jammer can block all signals. Criminals won’t be able to track your location using GPS devices and you can rest assured that they won’t show up at your home or favorite late-night spot.

3. Prevent Your Boss from Invading Your Privacy

In many places, bosses own their employees. Your time and well-being aren’t your own in many toxic work environments. Unfortunately, this means an overbearing manager or boss can overstep and invade your privacy.

If you use devices for work, you most likely sign in to your office’s secure network and use the company’s software. Even personal devices that you use for work tasks, such as your cell phone, become subject to work policies. If your manager has decided to start monitoring your movements for “work reasons,” you might consider disrupting this capability.

To keep your work life from invading your private life, or just to keep your boss from tracking your every move, a GPS jammer can stop all tracking methods. Your laptop, tablet, and cell phone won’t be able to send data on your location to your company any longer.

4. Staying Safe in a Foreign Country

Traveling has so many positive aspects and benefits that it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t wish to vacation and visit other countries. One of the few negative aspects is your safety concerns. Even in countries that are considered fairly safe to visit, locals might not be welcoming tourists, and criminals might take advantage of you.

If you’ve seen the movie Taken with Liam Neeson, you know the deal. Whisked away to enjoy a trip in a foreign country, two teenage girls are observed during their stay and followed back to their apartment. Once their location is verified, criminals move in on unsuspecting tourists.

Criminals have always used methods like this to attack tourists, but GPS technology makes it even easier for them to carry out their plans. If you are planning on visiting a different country and want peace of mind, a GPS jammer will stop any GPS-based tracking methods that criminals could use to target you.

5. Stop Cyber Criminals from Tracking Your Devices

Many criminals can try planting physical GPS devices on your person to track you, but they don’t have to. In the age of the internet, cybercrime is at an all-time high. Cybercriminals spend all their waking hours building new viruses and launching new attacks to gain access to personal information and commit identity theft.

Unfortunately, virus protection companies can only work so fast. Often, cybercriminals find flaws in security software before software developers can. While security software is a great first step to protecting your devices, you should always take further preventative measures.

One of the things that cybercriminals can hack into on your devices is your GPS location. Even if you turn off your device’s GPS capabilities, hackers will be able to turn it back on without your knowledge. The only full-proof way to stop your devices from sending and receiving GPS signals is to use a GPS jammer device.

6. Prevent Stalking

We’ve all had a crush at some point in our lives, but some people take it too far. Whether it is because of illness or addiction, some people can start showing signs of stalking. If you have a person in your life that is too involved, contacts you too much, or exhibits strange and disturbing behaviors related to you, you should be aware of the dangers.

Stalking is a very scary thing. It often starts as a simple, surface-level obsession. Over time, it can turn more intense and even dangerous.

Stalkers are known to break into their target’s houses, steal possessions, compile large swaths of personal information, and show up everywhere that their target visits or stays.

Nothing is stopping a stalker from using GPS-based monitoring methods to track your location and use it to find you. If you’re concerned at all that someone is stalking you, a GPS jammer can help stop them from using GPS devices are hacking into your devices’ GPS capabilities.

7. Stop Data Companies from Storing Your GPS Data

As technology gets more advanced, so do the channels through which companies can collect data on you and sell it to other companies. If you’re involved at all in technology, you’ve likely heard of big legal cases brought against big tech companies like Facebook and Google. These companies have been known to collect your data through online behavior, and many believe it is an invasion of privacy and unethical.

You’ll know what we mean if you’ve ever received emails or notifications from Google asking if you enjoyed your visit to a store or asking you to leave a review. There is no other way for Google to know that you’ve visited a place and promptly message you about it than by tracking you through GPS.

If you don’t appreciate your devices telling big tech companies where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing, a GPS jammer can stop your devices from tracking your location. In turn, tech companies won’t be able to collect your data and use it to harass you for help with their marketing and advertising tactics.

Feel Safer With A GPS Jammer

If you have felt that your privacy is being invaded or your safety is at risk, GPS jammers are powerful tools. They can effectively stop all GPS signal communications so that your devices are kept only for your use. You can even stop stalkers, criminals, companies, and jealous partners from using GPS devices against you.

The Signal Jammer offers a comprehensive collection of GPS jammers, as well as many other types of signal jammers. Explore the collection now to find the right GPS jammer for you, or visit our blog for more advice and tips.

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