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Children's Online Safety

5 Tips For Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Children are curious creatures by nature. When it comes to the fast-changing world and the internet, it seems impossible to keep them safe online.

Even the best parent or guardian find themselves hesitating over what their kids look at. Is the site secure? Do you know they’re not giving out confidential information?

With kids these days it’s hard to know when they’re doing the right thing.

When all you want to do is protect your children, how do you keep them safe?
Children’s online safety can be a hard obstacle to tackle. Here are a couple of ways children’s online safety tips.

1. Open Conversations Are Beneficial

Speaking openly with your child about the dangers of the internet is one of the best things you can do. This starts a dialog about why safety is important.

Providing your children with an understanding will help them to develop.

As children, their brains are still figuring out how to process information. They are not completely able to recognize the dangers that the internet may present.

Having open conversations about the negatives of the internet is beneficial. This will help your child to understand why they have their boundaries.

Talk to your children about why they have restrictions while on the computer. Let them know the negatives that can come from the internet.

You teach your children not to talk to strangers in public. Teaching and talking to them about strangers on the internet is the same thing.

2. Set Parental Controls

Computers have parental blocks for a reason. This reason is to limit your children’s exposure to the internet. It is a tool that can be used in your favor.

By setting these controls your kids are unable to look at certain cites that you have deemed harmful. These blocks allow you to weed out anything that might put your child in danger.

The other benefit of parental control is to see where your child is going when they are on the computer. You can monitor and feel confident in the fact that your children are listening.

Parental controls are for the benefit of you and your children. The reason they exist is for everyone’s safety.

3. Keep A Close Eye On Screens

Always make it so that while your child is on the computer you can see what the screen looks like. This way you know where your children are at all times. Younger children may not understand why you disallow a site.

By making it so that you can see your child’s screen you put a safety net in place. This will help you to know where your kids are and what their interests are.

This also helps when it comes to bonding with your child. Learn the things they look for and what they like. It’ll create conversations for you to have together.

Being able to see your child’s screen at all times is not an invasion of their privacy. For young children, it is an added layer of protection. This way your children are not swayed into sites they should not be on.

4. Know Your Child’s Social Media

If you have school-aged children they might believe that social media is important. With their friends being on the computers and on phones social media is going to come along.

If you allow them to have social media always supervise. Know their logins and who their friends are on these sites.

Social media makes children an easy target for predators. If you have their passwords you can view who they are chatting with.

Be sure that your kids know not to post any pertinent information. Don’t let them share their name, address, or telephone numbers with strangers. Be sure that they know the internet can be a dangerous place.

Protect their digital footprint by not allowing them to post their photo to any open forums. Never allow them to give out their phone number to strangers. Do not accept anyone they do not know to their social profiles

5. Install a Signal Jammer

Do you have a kid who still tries to test your boundaries? If your children insist on doing things on the computer that you do not allow, a signal jammer may be for the best.

These jammers will prohibit your children from having access to the internet.

A jammer can be turned on and off according to when you want to block access to the internet. Their easy-to-use on/off switch lets you know when the signal interrupter is in place. This way you can turn it off when you don’t have to worry about your children.

The benefits of a jammer include knowing when your child is accessing the internet. It also allows you to cut out any negative behavior of trying to sneak in places you have told them not to go. Or prevent access to the internet when you have asked them not to.

Signal jammers instill in your child that the rules you have put in place are for their safety.

Your Children’s Online Safety Comes First

Talking with your child about what is on the internet is a great start to giving them access to the web. You have their best interests in mind when it comes to safety and protection.

Children’s online risks and safety can be a difficult thing to regulate. By taking all of the precautions you put safety steps in place to secure your child.

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to help you safeguard and protect your children’s online safety. Contact us today

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