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5 Ways To Make Use of a Signal Jammer

A signal jammer can be a useful device when used under the correct circumstances. Whether to prevent unauthorized communication or to help reduce distractions, jammers can serve quite a few roles.

Today we’re going to go over only a few ways cell signal jammers, GPS signal jammers, and wi-fi signal jammers can help you!

#1: Prevent Unwarranted Distractions

A Pew research poll showed only 24 percent of workers believe their smartphones or cellphones are necessary for their everyday work.

While admittedly this information comes from employees rather than employers, there is little reason to doubt it’s far off. Most jobs do not require cell phones.

Phones are tools and, like any tool, can be used in ways that are productive and unproductive. If they’ve become a problem in the workplace, an employer may be able to install a signal jammer to prevent them from causing issues.

If employees cannot stop going on social media sites or texting, this can be a good alternative to flat-out starting to fire employees who violate the rules. They can’t use what they cannot access.

#2: Prevent Disruptions

While it is important to check local law on the matter, there have been cases of individuals installing jammers (most often cell jammers) to prevent disruptions. 

Whether it be a class, presentation, or religious service, phone calls can be a huge disruption if they come at the wrong time. A cellphone signal jammer can prevent these calls from coming in the first place.

The unfortunate reality of any large group is that telling people to silence their devices doesn’t work. There is always a substantial minority of people who leave their devices on for one reason or another.

We can debate whether this illustrates some bigger issue about society or not but it remains true regardless. Even funerals are not exempt from the odd phone call breaking up the silence or prayers.

Whatever the circumstances, a signal jammer can jam up the frequencies cells need to receive calls, preventing phones from ringing out (since the call won’t come through to begin with).

#3: Block Unauthorized Communication

This point is more for those working in various government and correctional facility roles, but signal jammers can prevent communication where it might be a serious security concern.

Some facilities need to be secure for somewhat obvious reasons. Certain military facilities, for instance, cannot allow any communications to go through that are not pre-approved.

Then there are prisons, where unauthorized lines of communication might help an individual facilitate crimes even while locked behind bars. That’s not to mention they shouldn’t have cellphones in the first place.

By choosing signal jammer locations carefully, it is even possible to block communication in important areas of a facility but not others. That way there can still be places where making calls or using WiFi is still possible.

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#4: Block Dangerous or Criminal Signals

While somewhat connected to the point above, it’s worth noting signal jammers are often used by law enforcement to create signal dead zones where things like phone calls might be a threat.

The most direct way this has been used in the past is to block signals that might be used to detonate bombs remotely. These bombs require a wireless signal (often using a phone) that can be jammed up like any other signal.

Less obvious is the ability for a jammer to block a criminal’s ability to call outside forces. This can be useful in a number of situations, such as during a raid or hostage situation. It helps prevent criminals from coordinating.

To be clear, these are tactics for law enforcement and those in the military to employ, but they’re one of the most important ways this technology can be used. Done right, it can save lives.

#5: Enforce a Quiet Time

Some parents have taken to using signal jammers to enforce a period of quiet on their children. A jammer can be turned on and then the WiFi, cellphone service, or both can be blocked.

While parents have to be careful how strong their jammer is (or they might get complaints from neighbors), this can be a good way to ensure rules are followed during homework or bedtime. 

If this sounds extreme, keep in mind you can turn a jammer off and on as you desire. You can turn it off whenever it isn’t important the children in question focus on something else. 

If this is going to be a habit, remember that you will want to install a landline too, in case you need to receive an important call or make an emergency call during a time you have your jammer on. 

Signal Jammers: Useful and Effective

Signal jammers can play a pretty wide variety of roles depending on the model purchased, where it is installed, and what a person wants out of it. Everyone from the military to parents has made use of them.

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If your needs are more specific or you’re on a budget, explore our store! We’re sure to have a model that suits you.

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