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Laser Jammer

How a Laser Jammer Can Save You the Price of a Ticket

We get it. A device that confuses government equipment to “trick” the police out of giving you a ticket sounds, well, really shady. However, before you judge this book by its cover, know this. A laser jammer can save you the price of a ticket. And there is a responsible, legal way to do this. Again, we […]

Signal Jammer

5 Ways To Make Use of a Signal Jammer

A signal jammer can be a useful device when used under the correct circumstances. Whether to prevent unauthorized communication or to help reduce distractions, jammers can serve quite a few roles. Today we’re going to go over only a few ways cell signal jammers, GPS signal jammers, and wi-fi signal jammers can help you! #1: Prevent […]

Safe Online

How a Wifi Jammer Can Keep You Safe Online

Did you know that each year internet crime results in an estimated $3.5 billion in losses for its victims? There’s a variety of reasons for this alarming statistic. However, the main one is serious vulnerabilities in wifi and Bluetooth technology. These days almost everything is connected via the internet. Heck, even some refrigerators can go […]

Safe From Hackers

How To Stay Safe From Hackers on the Go Using a Cell Phone Jammer

Being vulnerable to something you can’t hear, you can’t touch and you can’t see coming is frightening. That is why we fear hackers so much. Beyond the damage they create, before they create it, they are looming in dark shadows all around us. Not many people (if any) feel safe from hackers. All the things […]

device protection

7 Device Protection Hacks That Will Keep You Secure

Hackers are finding that mobile devices are getting more valuable to attack than computers. Your cell phone knows more about you than your computer. It knows who you talk to and what you said. Better yet, it has all your passwords, family photos, pet pictures, and more. Mobile devices are a digital passport for hackers […]

Drone flying at sunset

What Is a Drone Jammer and How Can You Use It to Your Advantage?

If you’re worried about the invasion of privacy that comes when people fly drones unregulated, you’re not alone. As technology develops, this is becoming a big problem, one that it seems there are few solutions for. Yet you can do something to stop your neighbors or others from spying on you. A drone jammer is […]

Laser Jammer

What Is a Laser Jammer and How Does It Work?

Most of us are familiar with the concept of police radars. In fact, some of us are more familiar than others — they are often used to by police determine whether or not a driver is speeding. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to use a laser jammer in order to protect yourself. Let’s take a […]

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