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5 Reasons You Need To Have A Cell Phone Signal Detector

It’s dinnertime and your kids are using their cell phones at the table, going against your rules. You could take their cell phones away or control the situation in a way they won’t ever expect.

There’s a way you can tell if your kids are using their cell phones even if they are doing their best to hide it from you. A cell phone signal detector can help you in this situation and benefit you in other ways too.

What Is a Cell Phone Signal Detector?

A cell phone signal detector is a technological device that can detect the presence of cell phones in a given area or range. 

When a cell phone is detected, the phone detector system raises the alarm and the mobile user can turn it off. It can alert a user in different ways such as sending an alert message, a single beep, or with the ringtone.

The person operating the device can send a personalized message that can be sent to every phone detected. The signal detector can discover phones in conversation mode and those that are in standby mode or switched on.

These detectors work by detecting RF transmission signals. When it detects an RF transmission signal, an LED light will blink and it will start making a beep alarm. The alarm will continue until the cell phone has been switched off or the RF transmission signal stops.

Use of Cell Phone Detectors

Cell phone detectors can be useful for detecting people who are using cell phones to spy or do unauthorized video transmission. They can also be used in places like a temple, offices, exam halls, and theaters. These are places where cell phone use is not allowed and a cell phone signal detector can restrict people from using their devices.

Even if cell phones are in silent mode, these detectors can find video transmission, SMS, and incoming and outgoing calls. 

Another use for these detectors is by prison security. They can use this device to avoid prisoners from monitoring the processes in prisons which can prevent new crimes from inmates in and out of the facility. 

Cell phone detectors cannot detect all cell phones. An alternative to this would be a mobile phone jammer. This device can prevent the use of cell phones because it clears signals from the phone in a particular area.

There are a lot of reasons why you need to have a cell phone signal detector. Whether for residential, commercial, or legal reasons a cell phone signal detector can benefit you.

Here are 5 reasons you need to have a cell phone signal detector:

1. For Your Home

You should get a cell phone signal detector that you keep at home to ensure cell phones aren’t being used when they aren’t supposed to be. This can be especially useful if you have kids.

Let’s face it, kids these days will do anything for a little extra time on their cell phones. That includes being sneaky about it.

Luckily, you can be sneakier if you have a cell phone signal detector. It’s bedtime and your kids would rather be on their phone and sleep. You can catch this and stop it with a cell phone signal detector.

This device can also detect an intruder’s cell phone if one happens to come into your home. This can help keep you and your family safe.

2. For Work

If you’re the boss, you can ban mobile phone use at work. Some workplaces already do this, such as retail workers and healthcare workers.

Even if you are not in this industry, banning phone use could be good for your company. If you see a drop in productivity and a rise in cell phone usage, it may be time to get a cell phone signal detector.

Even if you make this a rule, your employees may try to break it. The use of technology is a huge deal in today’s world and it could be hard to enforce a true cell phone ban.

That’s where a cell phone signal detector comes in. With this device, you can truly make sure your employees are staying on task and off their phones.

3. For Schools

If you work in the education industry, you may find it hard to encourage students to stay off of their cell phones. Whether they use them for cheating or just to text their friends, cell phone use in school is distracting.

Students come to school to learn, whether they like it or not. Like every cell phone addict, they may be breaking the no phone rule right under your nose.

A cell phone signal detector can show administrators who are using their devices instead of paying attention in class. This is a sure way to keep students off of their cell phones.

4. For Museums

A lot of museums have banned the use of cell phones because they can be harmful to the art. Museum owners and staff can use a cell phone signal detector to ensure no one is using their cell phone in prohibited areas.

Even aspiring artists who display their art for viewers to see can find this device useful. If you are worried your art will be damaged by the flash of cell phones, you can use a cell phone signal detector to spot cell phone use in the area where your art is displayed.

5. For Theaters

The sound of a phone going off in a movie can surely ruin the experience. Even just seeing the glowing lights of small screens in the audience can distract you from a good production.

A cell phone signal detector will keep people off their phones and engaged in the movie. Ruining the experience of theater productions is unfair to everyone.

Get Detecting!

Now that you are aware of some of the uses a cell phone signal detector can provide,  you can get to detecting!

Whatever your use may be, these devices can benefit you greatly. Cell phone signal detectors are available for purchase today!

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