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What Is a Drone Jammer and How Can You Use It to Your Advantage?

If you’re worried about the invasion of privacy that comes when people fly drones unregulated, you’re not alone. As technology develops, this is becoming a big problem, one that it seems there are few solutions for.

Yet you can do something to stop your neighbors or others from spying on you. A drone jammer is a device that disrupts the drone’s signal and prevents it from working properly.

Below, we go into the details of how a jammer works and how it can protect you. Take a look!

How Does a Jammer Work?

The most common type of jammer is a signal jammer for a cell phone. Cell phones get a signal from the nearest tower, and as you travel they bounce from tower to tower.

Here’s how a cell jammer works: it disrupts the radio signal your cell is getting from the tower. Your cell phone thinks it has no signal, because it can’t acquire one from the tower, and you can’t use it. It’s similar to the white noise you hear in between radio stations.

The jammer matches the frequency. The signals collide and cancel each other out, which convinces your phone that it simply doesn’t have any bars of signal.

Often a cell jammer is used in conjunction with a cell detector. These can detect cell phone use nearby, so you know whether someone is using a cell phone. They can tell if you’re sending information or watching a video or simply in standby mode.

Using a Drone Jammer

Using a drone signal jammer is similar to using a cell phone blocker. Drones navigate using GPS, and they rely on uninterrupted information to operate. GPS has very low signal power, like radio signals.

That means any high powered blocker can disrupt the signal enough to throw the drone off.

GPS systems also have no encryption or password protection. That makes drones very susceptible to signal spoofing, or transmission of false GPS information. This fools the drone and usually makes it crash because it can’t navigate properly.

Signal spoofing can also be dangerous because it allows drones to get past geo-fencing protocols, which is how military bases and other organizations restrict airspace. With a drone jammer, the device sends interference radio signals at the same frequency as the drone’s GPS tracker.

Unlike a cell phone, GPS acquires signals from more than one place. While a cell phone gets a signal from the nearest tower, the GPS gets at least four signal from satellites orbiting the earth. Once it has enough signals, it can calculate its position.

Like the cell phone jammer, the drone jammer interferes with the signal. Then it can’t calculate its position, so it doesn’t know where it is and it can’t guide the drone.

A drone jammer can also interfere with the signal between the operator and the drone, not just the drone’s ability to calculate its position. Both outcomes render the drone inoperative and make it impossible to watch you and your family.

Why Block Drones?

While some dream of drones that can be used for airbuses or other helpful tasks, the reality is that many existing drones are violating people’s privacy without their permission. Instead of the brilliant inventions people envision, they are causing disruptions and problems.

With a drone frequency jammer, you can stop the unauthorized tracking of your person or vehicle. Don’t let your neighbors or anyone else conduct surveillance of your property and your family. 

Many drones are quiet so you don’t notice them right away, which means you’re being observed without your knowledge. You can’t see the pilot to know who to complain to or request that they stop. You did not consent to having your picture or video taken, and you don’t get to see the pictures or videos and have final approval over what they do with the data.

Anyone wanting to know your behavior patterns so they can rob you could use a drone to observe you and your family over several days. When you have a drone jammer, it’s impossible for a drone to navigate on your property and you’re safe from prying eyes.

Another concern is that the drone operator doesn’t have any training. They aren’t required to have any kind of license to operate it, and most likely they don’t have very much experience. That means if something goes wrong, it could crash.

A drone hovering over your property could damage your house, your car, your outbuildings, or your landscaping. It could even hit a human or an animal, a dangerous possibility. Some drones fly up to 35 miles/hour and can cause significant injury.

National Security Issues

Drones are also a risk to national security and can cause major disruptions like at Gatwick Airport in 2018. Drones were spotted near the airport, despite regulations that state no drones may fly within 1 kilometer of the airport.

Airport authorities had no way to know who was operating the drones and what their intent was, so they shut down the airport until they were able to determine it was safe for passengers to fly.

The same is true in the United States. Military airbases and airports are considered restricted air space. No drones may fly there.

Any interference from unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) like drones may be considered threatening, and using a signal jammer can help restrict airspace.

Types of Drone Jammers

If you’re thinking of getting a drone jammer for your property, you’ll need to know how far the signal reaches. There are different signal strengths that you can use for different purposes. In some cases, you may need more than one to protect the entire circumference of your property.

When you shop, be sure to read the details about how far the signal carries and what types of drone jamming it can be used for. The drone jammer price can also be a determining factor in which model and how many you buy.

Check out the drone jammer app that comes with your drone jammers for sale. They can help you learn how to use the drone jammer.

Stay Safe

If you want to protect your home and your family from unauthorized surveillance, a drone jammer can help you achieve your goals. Don’t let neighbors or other shady characters watch you and learn your movements.

Shop our website today and find the right drone jammer to protect your family.

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