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Signal Detectors

Signal Detector Products

A signal detector can help prevent you from being bugged and your movements monitored. For those concerned with privacy, knowing that you are not being tracked, or covertly recorded by audio or video, is an important consideration.  Our detectors can help you locate wireless signals in order to disable any hidden cell phones, cameras, GSM monitoring devices, or GPS tracking devices. A passive alternative to signal jamming, these devices allow you to locate and disable signal transmitters.

  • GPS Tracking Detector
    $229.00 $189.00 GPS Tracker Detector
    Rating 4/5 stars
    Locate Bugs with a GPS Tracking Detector Concerned about a covert GPS tracking device on your person or vehicle?  Locate them with this GPS tracking detector.  This high sensitivity GSM and GPS detector will not...

  • Wireless Signal Detector
    $299.00 $189.00 Cell Phone Detector
    Rating 5/5 stars
    Cell Phone Detector This wireless signal detector will locate cellular, video and audio transmissions. This device is used by correctional facility workers to detect and confiscate cell phones by locating the cellular...

  • Wireless Camera Hunter
    $1,500.00 $759.00 Spy Camera Hunter
    Rating 0/5 stars
    The TSJ-VS125 wireless camera locator and video scanner covers frequency bands 1.2 GHz - 2.4 GHz - 5.8 GHz and can detect and display multiple hidden wireless cameras on multiple frequency bands, at up to 300 feet (depending...

  • Signal Detector PRO
    $239.00 Signal Detector 007 PRO
    Rating 0/5 stars
    The 007 PRO Detector Advancements in wireless eavesdropping technology require advancing privacy solutions. This RF wireless signal detector can be instrumental in detection and location of hidden wireless eavesdropping...

  • Video Signal Locator
    $499.00 $449.00 Video Signal Detector
    Rating 0/5 stars
    The TSJ-VS123 full band video scanner is a compact, scaled down version of our professional model TSJ-VS125. A smaller, compact sized video signal detector, which is very easy to use and offers competitive pricing, as well...

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