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Jammer Combo Specials and Discount Offers

Find our best current offers on jammer products in this category.  We're always creating new offers to get you the best equipment - when sometimes just one item is not enough.  These discounted combination kits will make sure you've got the best coverage available with savings!

  • PH5 and GPS Kit
    $669.00 PH5 and GPS Kit
    Rating 0/5 stars
    PH5 and GPS Kit   Get the our most powerful handheld portable, the TSJ-PH5 together with our popular vehicle outlet gps jammer and save $49 when purchaesd together! PLUS Save $49 when purchased...

  • WiFi Combo Duo
    $339.00 WiFi Combo Duo
    Rating 0/5 stars
    WiFi Jammer Combo Duo   Get our most popular TSJ-WiFi-Bluetooth-Jammer together with the pocket sized TSJ-WiFi-Mini and save $49. PLUS SAVE $49 When Purchased Together   Get WiFi / Bluetooth / Hidden camera...

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