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A Prison Signal Jammer can Increase Public Safety

Prison phone jammers are durable and withstand the elements, as well as attempts at sabotage and destruction. Used in facilities globally, these are the best available in the signal jammer marketplace. 

Our TSJ HP3060 is currently in use in multiple countries and our new TSJ-PS1M is one of the most superior correctional facilities products available. 

Our handheld cell phone detector units are instrumental for correctional officers doing cell searches and 'shakedowns', searching for contraband cell phones.

Contact us for a free consultation about how these units can help maintain security at your facility. We offer the best cell phone jammer products available anywhere.

Also be sure to see our drone jammer category to prevent UAV intrusions to secure facilities.

  • TSJ 255C
    $3,495.00 $1,795.00 TSJ 255C
    TSJ 255C Powerful 12 Band Cellular WiFi and GPS Jammer Our incredible new product, the TSJ-255C 12 band jammer is a comprehensive, portable and fixed location, 6 band phone jammer with very powerful, and complete coverage...

  • TSJ 135C
    $3,995.00 $2,195.00 TSJ 135C
    TSJ 135C Powerful Fixed Location Jammer Our newest product, the TSJ-135C is a highly customizeable, portable and fixed location, 6 band phone blocker with powerful, flexible options. This unit features the ability to be...

  • Prison Jammer 210W
    $8,900.00 Choose Options 210W Outdoor
    Prison Signal Jammer 210W   Our most popular prison cell phone jammer, this waterproof outdoor unit provides 210W of power.Designed for military and security applications, this item is deployed and in current...

  • TSJ HP3060
    $5,499.00 TSJ HP3060
    Facilities Protection with the TSJ HP3060 Prison Jammer Our newest prison jammer replaces our dated TSJ-62W-Indoor-Outdoor with a newer, more powerful solution.  The TSJ-HP3060 can be custom configured for your...

  • TSJ-PS1M Front
    TSJ PS1M
    TSJ-PS1M Digital High Power Prison Jammer Our TSJ-PS1M provides a secure area for prisions, detention facilities and other high security areas up to 500M. The total output power of this mobile jammer is up to 400W Four,...