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Other Signal Jamming Devices

Other jamming devices which do not fit into a broad category of their own, such as our walkie talkie jammer and audio jammer.  For other custom jammer items be sure to contact us.  The Signal Jammer can meet your custom requirements and provide solutions.

  • Walkie Talkie Jammer
    $1,099.00 Walkie Talkie Radio
    Walkie Talkie Jammer will Block Radio Communication Our powerful, dependable walkie talkie radio model will break walkie talkie communications in your restricted areas. This powerful 20W fixed location model will...

  • Audio Jammer
    $1,999.00 $1,599.00 Audio Jammer
    TSJ ST007V Portable Audio Jammer   This portable audio jammer is a highly integrated, high-tech personal security product.  This TSJ-ST007V portable audio recorder jammer is designed to protect your...