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IED and VIP Protection

IED and Bomb Jammers Save Lives

Our military jamming equipment is used to prevent RCIED detonation and for convoy and VIP executive protection by creating electronic countermeasures.

These powerful and durable RF jammer sets are functional counter-IED tools which are currently deployed in many parts of the world, and have a proven track record for prevention of injury and loss of life.

Not sure where to start? Our TSJ-MBJ-200 is the most popular bomb jammer, and one of the most powerful jammers in this category. The TSJ-ManPackHP is our best selling light portable unit.  Or, contact us with the parameters of your application, and we are happy to provide you with the best possible solutions available.

  • 75W 4G Vehicle Jammer
    $2,900.00 Choose Options Vehicle High Power 4G
    Rating 0/5 stars
    Ideal for VIP executive protection and prisoner transport applications, this powerful 4G vehicle signal jammer will provide protection in and around your vehicle or convoy and features 80W of total output power. Included...

  • Man Pack Jammer
    $6,500.00 Man Pack Backpack Jammer
    Rating 0/5 stars
    The Original Backpack IED Bomb Jammer   This high-power device is used by law enforcement and the military services. Police arm their crowd control squads and entry teams with it. The Man Pack Backpack signal blocker...

  • Bomb Jammer
    TSJ MBJ 102
    Rating 0/5 stars
    The TSJ-MBJ102 multi-band bomb jammer can be constructed to jam up to six frequency bands, and the overall RF output power is above 300Watts. A “Smart active” cooling system enables unlimited, continuous use...

  • Man Pack Jammer HP
    $7,500.00 Man Pack Jammer HP
    Rating 0/5 stars
    High Power Man Pack Jammer HP IED Bomb Jammer Solution   This high powered device is an updated, 5 band version of our popular TSJ-ManPack, which is used by military services and law enforcement worldwide. An...

  • Military Convoy VIP Jammer
    $5,490.00 TSJ 85W Vehicle
    Rating 0/5 stars
    TSJ 85W Vehicle Jammer   The TSJ-85W-Vehicle based military jammer that is capable of protection for smaller convoys, and well suited for VIP protection.  It is capable of blocking cellular signals at up to 150...

  • IED Jammer
    TSJ MBJ 110
    Rating 0/5 stars
    The TSJ-MBJ110 was specifically designed as a broad-band bomb jamming system to counter IED detonation. The unit simultaneously covers the relevant bands of radio frequencies from 20MHz to 2500 MHz.   A set of...

  • TSJ-MBJ200 DDS RCIED Jammer
    TSJ MBJ 200
    Rating 0/5 stars
    TSJ MBJ200 IED Jammer   Currently our most popular IED jammer, the TSJ-MBJ200 is a completely redesigned and upgraded version of our TSJ-MBJ102 featuring advanced DDS technology. The TSJ-MBJ200 multi-band bomb jammer...

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