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Portable Jammer

  • Portable Jammer
  • Slim Design
  • Antennas and Charger
No Longer Available

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Product Description

The Original Portable Jammer

**This unit has been replaced with the TSJ-4G-1066A4G Which Also Covers 4G**

The strength of this pocket-sized device's ability to jam a variety of cellular frequencies would give anyone who seeks to reclaim places of quietude the ability to do so. Anyone who is looking for a portable cell jammer that is strong enough to increase productivity in the workplace can use this.

While time is of essence for busy professionals such as doctors, lawyers and researchers, this portable device works great with a holster case (not included, see our accessories page) for those who need to remain on the move to complete the job.

Each battery charge lasts up to two hours, which is perfect for watching a movie in the theaters without any ringtones disrupting the experience. The NiMH battery and a standard outlet charger are included in the package. 

Need to keep jamming for longer periods of time? Does your battery seem to die more often lately? For this and all of our portables, we offer spare batteries for extended usage!

The antennas may take abuse from every day activities with children and rough job conditions, so spare antennas are also available in the event of breakage or damage.


Range: Aprox. up to 25 Meters

Output Power: 2.7W

Dimensions: 11x6x3cm (LxWxD)


  • This unit does not block 4G

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Rick on 9th Nov 2012

    Got two at battery depot for $30. Woks gerat!!!

  2. Posted by Justin on 18th Dec 2011

    So i used my jammer only a handful of times, the most it ever worked was about an hour, now its a miracle if i get more then 5 minutes if i charge it for 3 hours (doesnt matter the charging) which is the ONLY reason its not a perfect 5 stars, I never did contact support about help or replacement due to being an international type situation. Trying to figure out how i can replace the battery as its a simple plug to disconnect.

  3. Posted by CJS on 13th Mar 2011

    Plus it doesn't stay charged for more than an hour. Other than that it does work, but very disappointed with the hour or so I can actually use it without charging it.

  4. Posted by Support Staff on 14th Feb 2011

    Hi David, please contact support, it sounds like either your antennas are not properly/securely fastened or you may have a defective unit. Either way please identify yourself to our support team and they can resolve this issue for you.

  5. Posted by David on 13th Feb 2011

    Yes it does work, but beware that the range specified (15-25 meters/45-70 feet) is unrealistic. The range depends on the signal strength in the area. My cell phone through t-mobile has perfect reception in my home. The jammer is about 8 meters away, direct line of sign and I still get perfect signal on my cell phone and can make calls. Only at less than 2 meters distance will the signal be lost.

    An AT&T phone that has a weaker signal here is successfully blocked. Keep that in mind. If you are in an area with good cell phone reception, this jammer will be of limited or no use. In an area with good cell phone signal you won't be able to block a single room.

  6. Posted by Unknown on 20th Jan 2011

    It works! However it gets EXTREMLY HOT to the point that if you touch it you will BURN your hand. Due to the excessive heat the unit swelled - but it still works fine. It is used 5 days a week for at least 8 hours a day. I have had no problems thusfar!

  7. Posted by Mr. D. on 12th Dec 2010

    I had mine for 4 years. It is awesome!!!

  8. Posted by Tom on 20th Nov 2010

    It gets hot, but it works!

  9. Posted by Mr. A on 23rd Aug 2010

    After some initial testing I find that this thing works great! I don't go anywhere without it, but it does get pretty hot to the touch. I've only used it 15 minutes here, and there, but it has great range, and covers my whole home. I can't wait to test it at the movies!

  10. Posted by Jack B. on 9th Jun 2010

    I purchased my portable unit back in February and I have not been disappointed. I especially love it when I have my unit on my dashboard (so I can get it as close to people on their phones as possible) and they start looking at their phone and wonder what happened. They quickly get over and out of my way, which is the intention of the device.

    The portable unit does get warm, so make sure you purchase the case. It may not get all the phones, especially the cheap ones that people have held onto for so many years, but blackberrys and newer phones are easy targets.

  11. Posted by Mike S. on 27th Mar 2010

    This jammer works great in movie theaters, stores, and other public places. Doesn't seem to work as well while in a car(trying to jam other drivers phones).

    The device does get warm (very warm) when used for more than 10 minutes. Battery lasts a maximum of 1.5-2 hours.

    If you're planning to purchase a jammer for use in you vehicle, to jam other drivers phones, look into the vehicular mounted devices(not portable devices).

  12. Posted by Barrie Hiern on 15th Mar 2010

    Thanks to Julia for the advice about using the holster. The unit does get rather hot. Opt to buy the holster if you get this unit.

  13. Posted by Barrie Hiern on 15th Mar 2010

    This unit is great for those annoyances around you and those in a line in front of you delaying transactions because they are on the cell phone. I just turn it on and watch their consternation. It makes my day.

  14. Posted by Julia on 19th Nov 2009

    I'd recommend using the leather holster if you will use this jammer for a long time, as it gets hot to the touch after about 10-15 minutes.

    I use it to stop chatty people when studying in the library, so turning it on for 10 minutes or so is perfect because they just go outside to get a signal.

    It took about 7 days to get to me, but I suppose that wasn't too long.

  15. Posted by Unknown on 17th Jul 2009

    I had heard about cell phone jammers in the news and online.

    One day I was driving home and I ended up fallowing this car that was moving very slowly for no reason. The driver was going 15km/h in a 50km/h zone. As I sped by her I noticed why she was driving so slowly. She was on the phone. I honked at her and yelled at her to get off her phone and drive. She gave me the finger. She was got off luckily because of my self control. I was really tempted to force her to stop take her phone away and smash it!

    When I got home finally, I went online and started looking for cell phone jammers. I found this site with the hand held portable cell phone jammer. After several inquiries I decided it was the best one for me. I ordered one.

    After charging it, I took it out for a dry run. I went to this local mall where I knew a bunch of teenage girls like to get the latest gossip on their phones. When I arrived there, I found a bunch of them standing around and some were on gossiping on their phones. So with the cell phone jammer hidden in my inside pocket, I turned it on. Within seconds the cell phones went dead! Everyone was silent! Amazing! Later on the same day, another one was standing by the door yip-yapping, and I couldn’t get by. So I turned on my cell phone jammer. Her phone went DEAD! Instantly she tried to call her friend back, didn’t even notice me standing there waiting to get though. She stormed off like she had been on a bad date. The cell phone jammer helped me get through without having to make a scene.

    I have to say for the most part I was impressed.

    Now as a result I always take my cell phone jammer with me like most people take their phones with them. I even keep its DC charger in my car. Several times when I have people talking on their phones when they should be it has saved my sanity on several occasions. Mothers having to know about what their kids are doing every single minute are the worst. And people insisting on carrying on with their business every single second! Turn on the jammer and it stops or these people or they leave to where they won’t disturb everyone else.

    One time I had this meeting with this one woman. I had forgotten to bring my cell phone jammer with me. Constantly her kids kept calling her for the dumbest reasons. Every time her phone would ring, I would wish I had brought my jammer with me. We hardly got anything done because of this. Next time I had a meeting with her a made a note to self to bring the portable cell phone jammer with me. Same thing started again: Ring: whoops got to answer this. So I reached into where I had it hidden, and turned it on. She left to call her kids on the ground line. As expected no one wanted to answer the ground line. She sat down and we actually got a lot covered. No interruptions by a cell phone. Purchasing this Portable cell phone jammer was a good move.

    If I could make 1 improvement to it, I would make the battery last longer, by several hours.
    Thank you for your time.

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