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LoJack Jammers and Remote Control Jammers

Some customers ask us why we don't carry remote control jammers, code grabbers, and LoJack blockers, or if we can custom build or aquire them.  The answer is no.  Here at The Signal Jammer we carry professional signal blockers, detectors, and other functional, productive devices - not tools that aid in criminal mischief or annoyance.

LoJack Car ThiefThe signal jammers we manufacture have saved countless lives in areas where solidiers patrol and are at risk of IED's. Each time we receive an email thanking us for our products because someone has evaded a situation which could have ended very gravely, we realize that our products are helping people - not hurting them.

We also get many thank you emails from teachers, who are fed up with inattentive students that are paying more attention to emails, social networks, and text messages, rather than the lecture they should be learning from. You can find many of these comments on our testimonials page as well as on individual product description pages.

Funeral parlors, places of worship, and libraries all play a significant role in our customer base, as do law enforcement officials, who interrupt signals prior to raids, and restrict mobile phone usage in jails and prisons to prevent inmates from having unautorized and unmonitored cell phone communications.  These functions help our customers, and in many cases, save lives.

So when customers ask about remote control and LoJack jammers, we advise them that we do not carry these items as we are an honest company that is looking to help customers; we are not in the business of providing devices that facilitate criminal mischief.