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Portable Cell Phone Jammers Block Signals On The Go

A portable mobile phone jammer fits in your pocket and is handheld. Choose from cell phone only or combination models that include GPS, or even our most popular model, the cell phone blocker mini, to create a quiet zone around you, or prevent leaking of information in sensitive areas. Please see our fixed jammers page for fixed location cell phone jammer products.  If you have questions regarding which model is best for you, feel free to contact our helpful staff for more information.

  • Cell Phone Blocker Mini
    $239.00 $149.00 Cell Phone Blocker Mini
    Cell Phone Blocker Mini Model TSJ-Blocker-Mini This high quality signal jamming blocker will fit in the palm of your hand, or comfortably in your pocket. Our best seller has no external antennas to break, is loaded with...

  • Portable Jammer
    $399.00 $199.00 Portable Jammer
    The Original Portable Jammer The strength of this pocket-sized device's ability to jam a variety of cellular frequencies would give anyone who seeks to reclaim places of quietude the ability to do so. Anyone who is...

  • 4G Portable Compact Signal Jammer
    $499.00 $369.00 4G Portable Compact
    4G Portable Compact TSJ-4GCGW Cell Jammer   The 4G portable compact TSJ-4GCGW is our best selling portable.  Smaller than our professional models, it is perfect for someone who wants a smaller, slightly less...

  • cell phone and gps jammer
    $399.00 $199.00 Cell and GPS
    TSJ-CellGPS Handheld Cellular Phone and GPS Jammer One of our most popular combination units, this powerful GPS and mobile jammer will silence all nearby mobile phones, and block GPS signals, up to 25 meters away (this...

  • TSJ-PH5 Tactical Handheld Combination Jammer
    $959.00 $649.00 TSJ PH5
    TSJ-PH5 Tactical Handheld Combination Jammer Powerful handheld 10W total output (1W per channel) handheld jammer blocks 10 channels including 5GHz WiFi.  Typical configurations include (custom tuning available): North...

  • Strong Portable PRO Model
    $399.00 $299.00 Strong Portable PRO
    Strong Portable PRO Jammer All cell jammers heat up with use - now you can keep yours cool, with a built in fan.  This redesigned version of our popular portable model features a built in fan for cooling and...

  • 4G Portable Cell Phone Jammer
    $599.00 $459.00 4G Portable 6 Band Signal Jammer
    6 Band Handheld 4G Signal Jammer This is our best selling portable 4G signal jammer - be sure to see our new PRO Version as well. With 6 channels you get complete cellular coverage (custom tuning available upon request)...

  • Highest Power Portable Cell & GPS Coverage
    $799.00 $599.00 High Power Combination Unit
    Powerful Combination Cellphone and GPS Blocker Provide secure area coverage and prevent both cell phone and GPS use with our highest powered handheld.  This model features a built in fan to keep the unit cool...

  • Combination Cell and GPS Coverage
    $239.00 $149.00 Cell GPS Mini
    Cell Phone and GPS Blocker Mini Pocket Model This combination mini model is a fusion of our popular cell phone blocker mini with GPS L1 (tracking).  Simultaneously create a silent zone and prevent unauthorized tracking...

  • TSJ121TW Cell and WiFi
    $459.00 TSJ121TW Cell and WiFi
    Handheld Cellular and WiFi Jammer TSJ-121TW The TSJ-121TW is a high quality portable jamming device with combined cell phone and WiFi jammer abilities. With a 5.5W power output and a compact size, this is a great model...

  • 6 Band PRO Portable
    $549.00 4G Portable 6 Band Signal Jammer PRO
    PRO Version 6 Band Portable 4G Jammer A high powered version of our popular 6 band jammer with improved battery capacity. This PRO version cell jammer has 1W per channel power output as well as an average 3 hours operating...

  • TSJ121TG Cell and GPS
    $599.00 $469.00 TSJ121TG Cell and GPS
    Handheld Cellular and GPS Jammer TSJ-121TG The TSJ-121TG is a portable cell blocker device which is a combination cellular and GPS blocker. The TSJ121TG blocks all cellular bands, including 4G/4G LTE, as well as GPS L1...

  • Cell Phone and GPS PRO Model
    $499.00 $349.00 Cell GPS PRO
    TSJ-CELL+GPS-HP Cell Phone and GPS Jammer Handheld PRO Secure the area and prevent both cell phone and GPS use with the most popular of our combination cell phone + GPS units.  This high powered handheld PRO model...

  • With Antenna Cover
    $479.00 Handheld Multiband
    Handheld Multiband Portable Cell Phone Jammer This product has been discontinued, and was replaced with the much more powerful TSJ-P1088. Please also see our most recent release, the TSJ-PH5 for even more power and...

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