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Jammer Parts and Accessories


Our portable signal jammers are rugged and dependable, but sometimes use in the field takes its toll on parts. Find replacement antennas, batteries, holsters and other accessories to keep your equipment working like new.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us. We'll make sure you get the right gear for your jammer.

  • Car Charger
    $19.99 Choose Options Car Charger
    Portable Vehicle Outlet Charger ALL of our portables include a vehicle charger. However should you need a replacement, or an extra for a second vehicle, in order to keep your portable charged on the go, pick up one of these...

  • Portable Battery Replacement
    $79.00 Choose Options Spare Battery
    Portable Jammer Spare / Replacement Batteries Keep a spare battery charged for your portable jammer for non-stop mobile jamming. Please specify your model (or preferably your previous order number) in the comment section...

  • Portable Jammer Antenna Set
    $59.00 Choose Options Spare Antennas
    Portable Jammer Replacement Antenna Sets Too much abuse take a toll on your portable jammer antennas? Get a replacement set or keep one handy so you're always ready! Please specify the model of your unit when ordering...

  • Mini Series Cable Set
    $24.00 Mini Series Replacement Cable Set
    Mini Jammer Power Cable Set Replacement power cable set for use with our mini series products.  Replace the cable set or order a spare for the cell phone blocker mini, or WiFi mini. FREE Shipping Rock Bottom...

  • Charger Kit
    $39.99 Choose Options Charger Kit
    TSJ Charger Kit for Portable Units Should you need a replacement, or an extra for a second set to keep your portable jammer charged, pick up one of these portable charger kits. Includes both vehicle and wall outlet charger...