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Mini Bloqueador Movil

  • Cell Phone Blocker Mini
  • Bloqueador de teléfono de bolsillo
  • Bloqueador de interferencia de señal de teléfono celular
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Descripción del Producto

Bloqueador de Teléfono Celular Mini Modelo TSJ-Blocker-Mini

This high quality signal jamming blocker will fit in the palm of your hand, or comfortably in your pocket. Our best seller has no external antennas to break, is loaded with great features, and is smaller than the typical cell phone. 

La marca Signal Jammer solo ofrece a la venta la mercancía de inhibidores de teléfonos de la mejor calidad que respaldamos; no se conforme con imitaciones baratas de este producto.

Guarde esto en su bolso o bolsillo y disfrute de un viaje tranquilo o una experiencia de teatro. Cree discretamente una zona tranquila a su alrededor y disfrute de su comida, película o actuación. Compre su bloqueador de teléfono hoy y disfrute y disfrute de una privacidad renovada y paz y tranquilidad.

Mini Funciones del Bloqueador de Teléfonos Móviles

  • Efectivo para GSM / CDMA / DCS / PHS / 3G hasta 10 metros (30 pies)
  • Hasta 2 horas de uso continuo con carga completa
  • Batería estándar tipo Nokia (incluida)
  • Cargadores estándar tipo Nokia
  • Cargador de salida (incluido)
  • Cargador de coche (incluido)
  • Modelos específicos de América del Norte / Europa (modelo enviado según el país de destino)
  • Altamente portátil y ocultable
  • La luz es roja mientras se carga, verde cuando está en uso
  • Apagado automático para evitar la sobrecarga

Uno de los bloqueadores más portátiles y con más funciones disponibles en cualquier lugar.


  • La carga inicial debe ser de 12 horas.
  • Esta unidad no bloquea 4G. Esta unidad no bloquea 5G. Ideal como bloqueador GSM, pero no como bloqueador general de teléfonos móviles.
  • Para cobertura 4G, nuestro modelo base es el TSJ 1066A4G. Para la cobertura 5G, nuestro modelo base es el TSJ Mano Maxx.


  • Envío gratis
  • Precios mínimos
  • Garantia limitada de por vida
  • Pago seguro con certificación PCI
  • HTTPS completo en todo nuestro sitio web para su protección



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Evaluaciones del Producto

  1. Publicado por Desconocido en 5th Sep 2020

    Works nicely.

  2. Publicado por Desconocido en 1st Jul 2016

    It looks like this doesn't work with iPhones, which most people seem to have these days. I've turned on the jammer in busy areas without there seeming to be any effect.

    *Admin note: This unit does NOT block 4G, as stated in the description.

  3. Publicado por Desconocido en 17th Dec 2015

    Just arrived took about two weeks not to bad considering its from China no tracking number but happy it arrived in a nice bubble wrapped package, workes tested at home from ten feet, will be buying from them again very happy with it.

  4. Publicado por Clarke Kelsen en 11th Nov 2015

    Shipped to me super fast! Gets used in traffic during my daily commute. I love the look of confusion on the faces of other drivers when their hand-held phones aren't working! Would love to have more battery life.
    Hopefully upgrade to a 4G jammer when the prices come down!

  5. Publicado por Adam en 2nd Nov 2015

    I purchased one of these from a different shop and it was junk. This site claims theirs is different, so I gave it a try. Not a joke, this thing works well.

  6. Publicado por Kit en 5th Jan 2014

    I needed something to increase efficiency as cell phone usage was cutting into productivity. It starts working three seconds after you turn it on. The phone does not show any signs of signal loss or malfunction so the user just assumes it is his or her service. Magical!

  7. Publicado por Arie H. en 11th Jul 2013

    I'm not leaving this little blocker at home ever again. It has proven to be as useful as any other device in my laptop bag.

  8. Publicado por Travel Pro en 7th May 2013

    Bought the Mini after using the larger Portable Jammer for years. Its size is perfect as it can easily be carried in your shirt pocket. Just be sure to fully charge each time. Try it. You'll LOVE it.

  9. Publicado por Idaho en 19th Feb 2013

    I appreciated the quick delivery. Labelled discrete (thank you).
    I wish I had purchased a better model. This one is very limited with 4G phones, even standing 1 meter from the person. 3G is effective, but limited range and must be fully charged. I find 2 hours to be the typical effectiveness.

  10. Publicado por D en 15th Dec 2012

    I've had mine for over a year now. I works great on train commutes. The blocker's battery lasts for my one way commute. Get an extra charger to keep at work.
    Improvement: They need to make the on/off button so that it doesn't turn on by itself when stuffed into a pocket or briefcase. This drains the battery so it is dead when you need it.

  11. Publicado por Desconocido en 1st Dec 2012

    I dislike how it makes a loud click sound when u flip the On/Off switch.

    *additional to Anon 27th Nov 2012 review

  12. Publicado por Desconocido en 27th Nov 2012

    Super fast delivery. Got it in 5 days and there were 2 non-business days in there too.

    I used this to stop the phone calls from my loud roommate that usually last until 3-6am. It takes 5-15 seconds for the cellphone to display 'no signal'.

    Great power comes great responsibility. Use it at minimal duration possible, else, you might accidentally jam a real emergency call nearby.

  13. Publicado por J BAMA en 25th Sep 2012

    Freakking super fast shipping. This thing works just like it says. Exactly...All the other reviews.. they are all true, this thing works.. Get two of them. believe me light, exact size of the old razr phone, maybe a lil smaller,, Lith, Ion batt. impressed.. Thanks Carl, now find me the other two products so i can buy.. thx J

  14. Publicado por John B en 13th Aug 2012

    I use mine for entertainment also. It is funny as he** to turn it on in a store and watch peoples reactions when their phone no longer works - lol - just don't get caught.
    This is a great company to buy from. They do everything they say they will do.

  15. Publicado por Desconocido en 11th Jul 2012

    I have had occasion to use it and it works as advertised

  16. Publicado por Desconocido en 23rd May 2012

    Within the limits of its range it works as advertised. I love it!!!

  17. Publicado por Jammy en 12th Mar 2012

    It works great my mother has a GSM mytouch 4G from t mobile it requires me to get a little closer to jam due to the t mobile towers in my area are closer to me then sprints.

  18. Publicado por Desconocido en 9th Mar 2012

    Anonymously helping those that can't help themselves with phone etiquette. Cathartic.

  19. Publicado por Happy Store Clerk en 24th Jan 2012

    Was sick of customers smart phone apps barcoding items then beating me up on the price~ NO MORE! work perfectly 30-40 range

  20. Publicado por Desconocido en 6th Dec 2011

    The key to success distance from your target to the cell tower. A jammer has to have enough power to overcome the received signal at the receiver (target phone). If you and your target are close to a tower, the tower will win. However, in many enclosed areas, the tower signal is mediocre and the jammer will win. It does OK for the money, but I'm moving up in power to see if I can get better results.

  21. Publicado por Desconocido en 14th Sep 2011

    works exactly as advertised.chatty coworkers,annoying people in movie theatres will go away.a perfect tool for anyone in the field of security.............

  22. Publicado por Val en 19th Jul 2011

    I LOVE this jammer. My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to work outdoors. I sat within 2 feet of a woman while waiting for my car to get washed. The jammer didn't work. It didn't work while I was trying to enjoy an outdoor lunch and the woman at the next table wouldn't get off her phone. But it works beautifully in an enclosed space.

  23. Publicado por Sasori en 6th Jun 2011

    Works exactly as described. Range is variable depending on environment(which is normal with radio equipment). Shipping takes time; not slow but has to go through customs so be patient(about 10 days). The only thing I can't figure out is how long to charge it. Love it in stores with people who won't shut up in line or who are really loud. I love standing by idiots and turning it on. Usually after about five seconds you hear them saying 'hello?' over and over then look confused. Can't wait to go to the cell phone store...
    This product does NOT disappoint, and the company responds to email reasonably fast.
    Would buy from again without a doubt.

  24. Publicado por Ray en 9th May 2011

    Well the jammer showed up quickly. (5 days). Anyway I had to try it. Sure enough it jams all the Cells I tried.(AT&T, Sprint,& Verizon) At the house it appears to have about 40 to 50 ft range.

    Couldn't be happier....

  25. Publicado por Desconocido en 24th Mar 2011

    was sent wrong one - i e-mailed and then received my new one. It is amazing i use it at school for those unruly kids! thanks!

  26. Publicado por CBell en 10th Mar 2011

    So far, I have ordered and received two of these. The first one I use on a long commute on a train. There is great satisfaction to be able to quiet someone who is loudly talking on their phone. It works exactly as promised. I thought my daughter also wanted one for her kids, who constantly text during inappropriate times. But she wanted it for the theater, where you see dozens of little lit screens which distract from the movie experience. The product is great. The service is very good. Carl always responds in a timely manner. Sometimes there is a delay in customs, but well worth the wait. Highly recommend it.

  27. Publicado por Tim en 3rd Mar 2011

    First, I want to personally thank this company for providing this item. They are not selling products, they are selling peace of mind. The jammer works great and I truly value the "quiet perimeter" that I have been able to establish in public with it. This company is prompt, professional, and courteous and I will be ordering another stronger unit. Thanks again.

  28. Publicado por Doc Woody en 1st Feb 2011

    This unit is great- stopped folks in staff meeting from cruising the internet on their smartphones.

  29. Publicado por David en 23rd Dec 2010

    I just received the mini cellphone jammer in the mail today. It took about 6 days to come, i was waiting for a tracking number. I still have no tracking number but received my I rate the quality of the unit very good for $135.

  30. Publicado por James en 5th Aug 2010

    If you have ever sat next to someone texting and/or using their cellphone in a movie theater, then you need this mini cell phone jammer. After spending two hours next to two adults who were using their cell phone in a movie theater - I was mad. As soon as I got home, I did a search for a cell phone jammer and found this mini jammer. It took a little longer than I though to arrive but once it was here and I tried it out. I love it. I'm never going to tell anyone that I'm carrying it, but I'm going to use it EVER time I go out in public. I'm going to enjoy my 30 feet of peace and quiet out in public. Never again, will I go to a movie or restaurant without my mini jammer. This is the best known secret in America. The only problem I had — it came without any directions for its use. It has only one switch (off/on) and power cords and it is the same size as my razr cell phone.

  31. Publicado por Desconocido en 6th Jul 2010

    You know, the ones that insist on screaming in a public place or the ones in elevators, works great. It's also pretty good for causing havoc in cell phone stores.

  32. Publicado por Chris en 28th May 2010

    I was wondering if the cheapest unit that didn't have all the stub antennas sticking out the top would really work. The next more expensive one even needed a belt holster because it go so hot!

    Well, this one works. Nice and slim about the size of a RAZR, doesn't get warm, easily jams any phone with 30'.

    BUT -- it also jams other things. My XM satellite radio drops right out when I turn it on.

  33. Publicado por Woodcider en 18th May 2010

    It took longer to receive than I expected (3 weeks), but it was well worth the wait.

    It works just as advertised and the design is awesome. Small, light-weight and unobtrusive. Perfect.

  34. Publicado por MC en 14th Mar 2010

    This is a wonderful product. Elegantly designed, small, and does just what the description says. I have used to to block a person's phone who was talking while holding-up a check out line. Also, I blocked a person who was talking very loudly in a restaurant.

    If you want to block the phones of people with no manners, this is the device for you.

  35. Publicado por Desconocido en 21st Nov 2009

    Fits in my pocket easily, good coverage. Great for people who won't get off the phone holding up checkout lines.

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