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4G Portatil 6 Bandas

  • Bloqueador de teléfono celular portátil 4G
  • Pantalla montada en la parte superior
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Descripción del Producto

Jammer de Señal 4G de Mano de 6 Bandas

Este es nuestro bloqueador de señal 4G portátil más vendido; asegúrese de ver también nuestra nueva versión PRO.

Con 6 canales obtienes muy buena cobertura celular (sintonización personalizada disponible a pedido).

Las antenas más resistentes proporcionan durabilidad adicional durante las operaciones de campo.

La luz de carga cambia de rojo (durante la carga) a verde (carga completa alcanzada) para una visualización rápida del estado de carga.

Los interruptores selectores de encendido / apagado de canales individuales le permiten elegir qué canales están bloqueados, y una pantalla LED montada en la parte superior confirma sus elecciones.


700-800 MHz (4G)

850-965 MHz (GSM)

1800-1990 MHz (PCS)

2100-2170 MHz (3G)

2400-2500 MHz

2500-2700 MHz

Utilizada ampliamente por operadores especiales en zonas peligrosas, esta unidad confiable puede proporcionar un entorno seguro en su entorno. Compre el suyo hoy y bríndese una capa adicional de seguridad.

Nuestra garantía de 1 año y nuestro excelente servicio al cliente le brindan tranquilidad con su compra.


  • Envío gratis
  • Precios mínimos
  • Garantia limitada de por vida
  • Pago seguro con certificación PCI
  • HTTPS completo en todo nuestro sitio web para su protección

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Evaluaciones del Producto

  1. Publicado por KS en 16th Jul 2020

    This thing works amazingly well. Clearly high quality parts and construction. Designed well and seems durable too.

  2. Publicado por JS en 18th Jun 2020

    This product is awesome. And customer service was very professional. Construction is very sturdy. Definitely built to last a long time. And powerful!

  3. Publicado por T en 17th Apr 2020

    I've got a lot to say but let me start by saying this is an awesome little device. I first found this website a while back but was a bit concerned about the legitimacy as it looked to good to be true however I can confirm that they're 100% legitimate, don't buy anywhere else or risk being scammed! The only issue I had with my order was that the shipping was much longer than anticipated (1 month) however they upgraded my original purchase due to shipping issues, The shipping issue may have been due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic at the time as others seem to say they receive their items very quickly. 4 stars for slow shipping.

  4. Publicado por Paul en 16th Jun 2016

    Great performance, lots of questions, promptly answered. The device blocks and jamms all devices one wish to jamm! No way to escape, useless iPhones , blackberry, Samsung, wifi, wireless phones, even through walls. A big mess for your neighbours. Sorry!!

  5. Publicado por Paul en 16th Jun 2016

    No mobile phone, wifi, and other devices will work while the 4g is ON!!
    Neighbours will get mad with it. No way to stop jamming while the led is green. Great product, full satisfaction! Thank you

  6. Publicado por Pete en 29th Oct 2013

    Placed the order and received nearly instant confirmation that shipping process had begun as soon as payment confirmed. A couple e-questions to tech/admin got immediate responses, and the item arrived way before I expected it to. This is a supplement to a previous acquisition jammer (3G/Bluetooth/Wifi) that has performed flawlessly. The newly arrived unit came in plain packaging with a downloadable user manual. Have done minimal field testing, but appears to perform quite well for stated purpose. The upper two bands also dump the whole 2400 Mhz Wi-Fi band, effectively shutting down wireless video within proximity. Choose bands wisely at the unit does appear to disperse it's total transmitting power to as many channels as are activated. (All channels activated = 1/6th of measured full power.) The trouble is, this thing is SO VERSATILE that you'll want to leave them all enabled all the time maintain the secure area. Not as powerful as the military units we had in Afghanistan, but duh...also not the same purpose of neutralizing IED's. Like the cooling fan.

  7. Publicado por John H. en 9th Sep 2013

    This purchase was to upgrade my previous handheld jammer (3G). The coverage, like previous model, is sufficient for my application (vehicle).

    Having ordered before, the Order Status is slow to update. However, as TSJ has stated, you will likely get your item before ETA.

    Good stuff. Thank you.

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