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White Flying drone with camera

5 Reasons Why You Need Drone Jamming Technology

As drones become more popular, concerns are starting to mount. Here are 5 important reasons to start using drone jamming technology. You’re watching the sun dip between the mountains in a picturesque moment of calm. The park seems deserted. It’s just you, the ambient noises of nature, and the sunset. Suddenly you hear a loud buzzing […]

cell phone jammers

Cell Phone Jammers: How Do They Work?

Cell phones are a part of modern life. Gone are the days of the simple landline. There are more cell phones than ever – and the numbers continue to rise. In fact, there are estimated to be 7.22 billion cell phones in comparison to 7.19 billion people on Earth. That means there are more cell […]

WiFi Jammer Safety

What is a WiFi Jammer and Why You Might Need One

What is a WiFi Jammer and Why You Might Need One A WiFi jammer might sound like something out of a movie, but someone might have one near you right now! Here’s what it is and why you might need one, too. We live in a scary time if you are someone who values privacy. You […]

drone jammers for safety

How a Drone Jammer Can Help with Security

How a Drone Jammer Can Help with Security Drones have become a more common sight, even Amazon may deliver via drone! But not all drones bring you a Prime box delivery. Here’s how a drone jammer can help. Drones: a nuisance or a privacy and security risk? Several high-profile incidents have led many people to […]


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