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For those who travel frequently, a vehicle cell jammer is a necessity to prevent snooping, security breaches and distractions that may compromise the driver's ability to securely transport persons or goods.  There are a variety of car jammer products ranging from within the vehicle and around the vehicle to a large radius for those who need the wider scope included in the security detail. Not sure where to start? This is our most popular model.

  • 4G & 4G LTE Cell Phone Jammer
    $449.00 4G and 4G LTE Six Band Jammer
    Rating 5/5 stars
    Do you need a full coverage solution that includes 4G / 4G LTE? Choose our top selling TSJ-4G-2061. Are your employees spending more time on social media than they are taking care of business? Are your students cheating on...

  • Magnetic Antenna Mount and Cable
    $275.00 External Antenna Mounts and 3 Meter Cable Set
    Rating 0/5 stars
    Mount antennas externally with this external vehicle antenna mount kit.  Includes 3 meter cable set and vehicle mounts for each antenna.    Increases range for all of our car jammer models...

  • High Power Vehicle Jammer
    $1,499.00 Vehicle Jammer High Power
    Rating 5/5 stars
    The vehicle high power unit is a powerful mobile jammer.  With 45W of total output power, this unit will jamm cell CDMA / GSM / DCS / 3G up to 100 meters.  Ideal for VIP protection and prisoner transport...

  • 75W 4G Vehicle Jammer
    $2,900.00 Choose Options Vehicle High Power 4G
    Rating 0/5 stars
    Ideal for VIP executive protection and prisoner transport applications, this powerful 4G vehicle signal jammer will provide protection in and around your vehicle or convoy and features 80W of total output power. Included...

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