Everything You Need to Know About Drone Jammers

The commercial use of drones raises concerns for the average citizen. Those concerns lie with privacy and public nuisance. Drones take up commercial airspace, yet are small enough to buzz past us while we are standing in our own backyards and driveways. According to attorney Lisa Ellan, “From catastrophe response to news-gathering to construction-site monitoring, […]

How Signal Jammers Protect Data When You’re Offline

Evidence of hackers stealing data is everywhere on the web. Just recently, over 140 million Americans had their personal information stolen during an Equifax data breach. Now, though, we can go the extra step and protect our information with top technology like signal jammers. With the Equifax breach alone, Social Security numbers, birthdates, and other […]

5 Reasons Why You Need Drone Jamming Technology

5 Reasons Why You Need Drone Jamming Technology As drones become more popular, concerns are starting to mount. Here are 5 important reasons to start using drone jamming technology. You’re watching the sun dip between the mountains in a picturesque moment of calm. The park seems deserted. It’s just you, the ambient noises of nature, and […]

Bitcoin Accepted at TheSignalJammer.com

Did you know that we accept Bitcoin transactions?  Not only do we accept this crypto-currency, it is a preferred method of payment.  All Bitcoin purchases will be upgraded to expedited shipping for FREE.  No coupon necessary, simply pay for your purchase with Bitcoin, and you’ll be automatically upgraded to 3-5 business day shipping!


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